This page contains links to git repositories published (or republished) by Benjamin Mako Hill. Repositories related to my academic work are stored over at

Downloading Code

If you click on any repository, you will see a URL that begins with git://. You can get a full copy of any file by running the command of the form:

git clone [URL from summary page]

Submitting Patches

The most reliable way to send a patch to me is over email. You can do that by following these steps:

If you are more comfortable putting a git repository with your changes online somewhere else and sending a link that to repository, that works too!

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Project Description Owner Last Change
acawiki-csl Zotero style sheet for directl... 9 years ago
attachcheck Detect missing attachments... 2 years ago
awesome-config my configuration file for... 6 weeks ago
babynames-cdsw Example project on baby names... 10 months ago
babynames_answers possible answers to the babyna... 5 years ago
backwash System for sending offline... 9 years ago
beamer-mako Custom LaTeX Beamer template... 2 years ago
bmh-biosketch Biographical Sketch / NSF... 3 years ago
bmh-cv My curriculum vitae and the... 2 months ago
bmh-diversity_statement Diversity statement for the... 7 years ago
bmh-jobmarket_coverletter Academic job market coverlette... 7 years ago
bmh-research_statement Research statement for the... 7 years ago
bmh-teaching_statement Teaching statement for the... 7 years ago
count_todo_items count the number of ongoing... 14 months ago
editimage_extension MediaWiki extension to edit... 9 years ago
freedom_for_users-l10n localizaton of essay "Freedom... 7 years ago
fspm_howto Free Software Project Manageme... 10 years ago
github-barcamp-201407 Visualizations from GitHub... 6 years ago
gmail-maildir-counter Python and R to count number... 6 years ago
harrypotter-wikipedia-cdsw Wikipedia/Harry Potter project... 9 months ago
harrypotter-wikipedia-cdsw-solutions Solutions to challenges in... 5 years ago
iron-blogger 7 years ago
kuro5hin_to_wordpress Script to import Kuro5hin... 2 years ago
latex_mako Custom LaTeX scripts and docum... 2 years ago
leastsquares-website static website for extraordina... 3 weeks ago
matplotlib-cdsw matplotlib examples for Commun... 5 years ago
mit-stationery-latex LaTeX templates for MIT statio... 7 years ago
muttjump script to jump to the original... 9 years ago
mw VCS-like nonsense for MediaWik... 9 years ago
noahs_yelp_analysis simple R program that noah... 8 years ago
org-mutt Zack's scripts to integrate... 7 years ago
protection-tools software to construct protecti... 2 years ago
pyblosxom-hierarchical_archives PyBlosxom plugin for rendering... 5 years ago
pyblosxom-markdown2 pyblosxom markdown2 plugin 9 years ago
pyblosxom2wxr convert pyblosxom to wordpress... 7 years ago
python-iso8601.debian git-dpm debian package for... 8 years ago
python-simplemediawiki.debian git-dpm debian package for... 8 years ago
rapidsms Toy SMS-based database program... 13 years ago
redirect-tools Software to construct redirect... 3 years ago
rubyvote election method library in... 10 years ago
s290-pingpong Weighted random selection... 5 years ago
scuttle Social bookmarking like Delici... 16 months ago
selectricity Voting machinery for the masses! 7 years ago
selectricity-live Voting machinery for the masses! 7 years ago
state_of_wikimedia_research_2013 State of Wikimedia Research... 7 years ago
state_of_wikimedia_research_2014 State of Wikimedia Research... 5 years ago
state_of_wikimedia_research_2015 State of Wikimedia Research... 5 years ago
swohoa small script to convert shewen... 5 months ago
to_fork_or_not 2005 essay on forking with... 7 years ago
twitter-api-cdsw Example code for using Twitter... 5 years ago
twitter-api-cdsw-solutions Solutions for Twitter API... 5 years ago
unhappybirthday Source material for UnhappyBir... 4 years ago
vaporizer Javascript website that is... 9 years ago
wikipedia-api-cdsw Example code for using Wikiped... 5 years ago
wikipedia-cdsw-solutions Solutions to challenges for... 5 years ago
wikiq c++ framework for fast parsing... 6 years ago
wordplay-cdsw-solutions Worked solutions to Wordplay... 5 years ago
yelp-api-cdsw Example projects for CDSW... 5 years ago
yourule Custom onscreen ruler generator. 9 years ago
zerosum-wikitable zerosum bill splitting/sharing... 6 years ago

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