2015-05-09 Benjamin Mako... merged in all the code from ariel's branches and moved... master
2015-05-09 Benjamin Mako... Merge branch 'traffic-timeseries' of
2015-05-08 arokemUse consistent API.
2015-05-08 arokemAdd an example using socrata API.
2015-05-08 arokemAdded some challenges to the HP analysis.
2015-05-08 arokemAdd more examples from the HP data-set.
2015-05-07 arokemAdd another, more complicated plotting example.
2015-05-07 arokemStart implementing plotting from the Harry Potter wikip...
2015-05-06 Benjamin Mako... cleaned up the wikibios project file so that it's more...
2014-11-22 Benjamin Mako... created a .gitignore file
2014-11-22 Ana Malagonscatterplot: changed linewidth to edgecolor
2014-05-31 Benjamin M... Add titles to the heatmaps
2014-05-31 Benjamin M... Intro to MatPlotLib with wikipedia biography metadata

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