2014-07-18 Benjamin Mako... Merge branch 'patch-3' of master
2014-07-18 Benjamin Mako... Merge branch 'patch-2' of
2014-07-18 Benjamin Mako... updated patch that updates README from nemobis
2014-07-18 Benjamin Mako... Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh-nemobis/patch-1'
2014-07-18 Benjamin Mako... Merge branch 'master' of
2014-07-11 nemobisTypofix
2014-07-11 nemobisRemove excess semicolon
2014-07-11 nemobisPackages suggestion for the lazy deb users
2014-04-12 Benjamin Mako... updated README file and documentation
2014-04-12 Benjamin Mako... remove shannon entropy as something computed
2014-04-12 Benjamin Mako... collapse datetime into a single header
2014-04-12 Benjamin Mako... added code and docs to search for regex within the...
2014-04-11 Benjamin Mako... change diff regex options from -n and -r to -N and -R
2014-04-11 Benjamin Mako... rename variables so regex/regexes is diff_regex/regex
2014-04-11 Benjamin Mako... renamed variables for title regex
2014-04-11 Benjamin Mako... ignore object files created in compilation
2011-06-06 Erik GarrisonMerge pull request #2 from makoshark/master
2011-05-02 Benjamin Mako... made changes necessary to build a static version
2011-05-02 Benjamin Mako... added support for regex title matching
2011-05-02 Erik GarrisonMerge pull request #1 from makoshark/master.
2011-05-02 Benjamin Mako... lower case N in the usage instructions
2011-05-02 Benjamin Mako... fix bug and invoke regex search in first revision
2011-03-15 Erik Garrisondynamically resize article text buffer if we would...
2011-03-14 Erik Garrisonupdated README
2011-03-14 Erik Garrisonhelp text updates
2011-03-14 Erik Garrisonregex against article diffs and checksum-based revert...
2011-03-13 Erik Garrisonadded (broken, but running) diff routines for block...
2011-01-28 Erik Garrisonadd md5sum, entropy
2010-10-24 Erik Garrisonadded shannon_H entropy metric for each revision
2010-10-24 Erik Garrisonresolved performance bug in cdata handling of revision...
2010-10-23 Erik Garrisonbuffer storage of text data, structure cleanup
2010-10-11 Erik Garrisonproperly implemented text and comment omission flag
2010-10-07 Erik Garrisonmoved from gcc to g++
2010-10-07 Erik GarrisonRevert "changed compilation flags to -O3"
2010-10-07 Erik Garrisonchanged compilation flags to -O3
2010-10-07 Erik GarrisonparseData -> revisionData
2010-10-07 Erik Garrisonfirst produced in the summer of 2006, finally published!

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