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2016-02-12 Benjamin Mako Hillfix small typo/grammar master
2016-02-11 Benjamin Mako Hillspecify multinationals
2016-02-11 Benjamin Mako Hillfix mispelling
2016-02-11 Benjamin Mako Hillone character typo
2016-02-11 Benjamin Mako Hillupdate unhappy birthday
2013-01-04 Benjamin Mako Hillfix typo
2012-03-05 Benjamin Mako Hilladded clarification from james grimmelmann
2012-03-05 Benj. Mako Hillupdated with link to article
2012-03-05 Benjamin Mako Hillreference to raymond ty
2012-03-05 Benjamin Mako Hillupdated attribution for one article
2005-03-01 Benj. Mako Hillremoved an extra and
2005-03-01 Benj. Mako Hilllittle typo fixed
2005-03-01 Benj. Mako Hillfinal modifications
2005-03-01 Benj. Mako Hilldiff sent from seth
2005-03-01 Benj. Mako Hillproof reading and more fixes from seth
2005-03-01 Benj. Mako Hillfixes from seth
2005-03-01 Benj. Mako Hillinitial import into arch

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