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description2005 essay on forking with anecdata from ubuntu and debian
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2005-08-14 mako@atdot.ccMerged in changes from Mika's corrections.
2005-08-14 mako@atdot.ccAdded a few typo fixes and the linke from Sven Hoexter.
2005-08-08 mako@atdot.ccSimple correction made by Alex Stewart to TFONTF.
2005-08-07 mako@atdot.ccAdded some legal and revision history information.
2005-08-07 mako@atdot.ccFinal read-through. This is ready to go.
2005-08-07 mako@atdot.ccAdded changes from Jonathan Carter feedback.
2005-08-06 mako@atdot.ccAdded a make file and did a final personal read through...
2005-08-05 mako@atdot.ccRenamed files and updated reference to image.
2005-08-05 mako@atdot.ccCommitted version of paper that was submitted to LinuxTag.
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