added a new configuration file and changed code/templates to use it
[iron-blogger] / templates /
2012-08-13 Benjamin Mako Hilladded a new configuration file and changed code/templat...
2012-08-08 Benjamin Mako HillMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2012-08-08 Benjamin Mako Hillmodify participants page to list the punted separately
2012-07-09 Benjamin Mako Hilladded code to list folks who have previously been punte...
2011-12-04 Shauna Gordon-McKeonexpanded the number of items on planet to 40
2011-11-09 Benjamin Mako Hillupdate scripts for new location of planet
2011-11-09 Benjamin Mako Hillcode changes to iron blogger to move to
2010-08-06 Nelson ElhageTibbetts bought back in.
2010-07-27 Nelson ElhageUpdate the PUNTED text
2010-06-10 Nelson Elhageemail: Don't show an empty punts section
2010-06-01 Nelson ElhageAUTOPUNT
2010-05-24 Nelson ElhagePrepare for floating-point values in ledger
2010-05-24 Nelson ElhageImprove styling on week.tmpl
2010-05-24 Nelson ElhageInclude more monetary information in reports.
2010-04-16 Nelson ElhageSmall email template update
2010-04-16 Nelson ElhageAdd this week
2010-02-02 Nelson ElhageScript to post the weekly blog post
2010-02-02 Nelson Make pool size available to templates
2010-01-26 Nelson ElhageHandle untitled posts better in the weekly blog post.
2010-01-19 Nelson ElhageUpdate ledger format so that hledger will accept it.
2010-01-19 Nelson ElhageKeep track of who owes what (and has paid what) using...
2010-01-14 Nelson Elhageweek.tmpl: Add a missing closing tag
2010-01-11 Nelson ElhageRemove adehnert's blog from the Planet for now
2010-01-10 Nelson ElhageUpdates to email template
2010-01-04 Nelson Elhageemail.txt: Only show "not yet started" section if nonempty.
2009-12-30 Nelson ElhageSort users by username.
2009-12-30 Nelson ElhageWordpress 'participants' page template.
2009-12-30 Nelson ElhagePlanet config file
2009-12-30 Nelson ElhageWeekly report in HTML
2009-12-29 Nelson ElhageUse show-week to generate the overall template, too.
2009-12-29 Nelson ElhageGeneralize show-week slightly.
2009-12-29 Nelson ElhageImprove the logic for choosing a link from a feed.
2009-12-28 Nelson Elhageshow-week: use a mako template
2009-12-28 Nelson ElhageMake a templates/ directory

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