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This page contains the LaTeX source for the research statement I used when I was on the 2012-2013 academic job market. You can find other job market documents I used along with links to source on on my academic materials page. This documents builds on my general LaTeX templates and scripts. That repository includes some instructions how to install necessary fonts and dependencies.

I've put this material online because others have asked if they can use my formatting and templates. You should feel welcome to fork this repository and use it for your own job market applications — or for whatever else you like.

If you do so, I would appreciate credit whenever you post material on your website and I'd love it if you shared any changes or improvements back with me and the world. In this spirit, I want to thank Michael Bernstein for typographical inspiration for the template.

For details on how to check out this repository, please read the general git instruction on this page.

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