Update WRN figures for past year (160 -> 191)
[state_of_wikimedia_research_2015] / 20150717-wikimania_research.tex
2015-07-17 T. BayerUpdate WRN figures for past year (160 -> 191)
2015-07-17 T. BayerAdd rest of content quality section
2015-07-17 Benjamin Mako Hillupdated slides with my examples
2015-07-17 Benjamin Mako Hillupdated arrow to fix issue that tilman had with his...
2015-07-17 T. BayerStart content quality section
2015-07-16 T. BayerMention Twitter handle if I may / update WikiSym
2015-07-16 T. BayerMention peer review as selection criterion
2015-07-16 T. BayerUpdate years in title
2015-07-16 aaronshawRemoving vc-git bits to avoid setting it up on Tilmans...
2015-07-15 Benjamin Mako Hillinitial commit to git

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