improved dependency information
[selectricity] / README
2010-09-06 Benjamin Mako Hillimproved dependency information
2010-09-06 Benjamin Mako Hillmerged in from code from the other master
2010-09-06 Benjamin Mako HillUpdated readme with better branch information.
2009-12-23 Benjamin Mako Hillmade the license clear
2009-11-16 Benjamin Mako Hilladded a little more installation information
2009-06-10 Benjamin Mako Hillupdated docs for git
2009-06-07 <>merge everything back from mainline branch
2009-06-07 <>merged in licensing changes (we'll have to undo this...
2008-01-31 <>merged changed in from devel to activate voting in...
2007-10-17 <>updated README file with additional dependency information
2007-08-17 John DongMerge head
2007-08-17 John DongMerge from jdong, XMLRPC changes and testcases
2007-08-17 <>Added Sparklines controller and dependency, see README...
2007-08-15 John DongMerge jdong
2007-08-15 John DongAdd some quick info about XMLRPC API
2007-08-08 <>Added support for ruby-debug to replace breakpointers.
2007-08-07 <>Updated README to contain a list of dependencies and...
2007-08-04 <>Reorganized the README file and added a short list...
2007-08-04 <> Well, it seems I forgot to add the acts_as_authenticat...
2007-07-31 <>I have added the acts_as_authenticated plugin to code...
2007-07-27 John DongAdd my name to README
2007-07-27 <>Changed the README to include Justin's name.
2007-07-27 <>blanked readme file and created a list of contributors...
2007-07-18 <>Updated the system to Rails 1.2.
2007-03-30 <>Variety of small changes (mostly to properties) plus...
2006-08-16 <>Upgrade to Rails 1.1.
2006-07-11 <>Creation of new VotingBooth rails application to expose the

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