2010-09-28 Sean HammondBump the version number.
2010-09-28 Sean HammondTypo
2010-09-28 Sean HammondUpdate the README, remove instructions that are duplica...
2010-09-28 Sean HammondUpdate the instructions in the module docstring.
2010-09-28 Sean HammondComment out all extensions except 'extra'.
2010-09-28 Sean HammondAdd my email address.
2010-09-28 Sean HammondRetab the file, because I use real tabs with vim now.
2010-09-28 Sean HammondHandle various filename extensions that people use...
2010-09-28 Sean HammondGet rid of the to_ascii function that was stripping...
2010-09-28 Sean HammondClean up trailing whitespace.
2009-07-15 Sean HammondChange references to python-markdown 2 to python-markdo...
2009-07-14 Sean HammondAdding a gitignore file.
2009-07-14 Sean HammondAdding a README file for github's benefit.
2009-07-14 Sean HammondFirst commit

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