2011-12-04 Shauna Gordon... expanded the number of items on planet to 40
2011-12-01 Benjamin Mako... added jeff warren
2011-11-30 Benjamin Mako... added swartzcr
2011-11-28 Benjamin Mako... Update for 2011-11-21
2011-11-28 Benjamin Mako... start zig next week
2011-11-28 Benjamin Mako... added dandennis, rheackock, rocky, sayamindu
2011-11-22 Benjamin Mako... added jamie zigelbaum
2011-11-22 Benjamin Mako... added retroactive skip for mayo
2011-11-22 Benjamin Mako... added fees for the latest week
2011-11-21 Benjamin Mako... Update for 2011-11-14
2011-11-21 Benjamin Mako... added a few folks to the email list
2011-11-21 Benjamin Mako... updated feed information from daf
2011-11-21 Benjamin Mako... add progress information for the feed scanner
2011-11-21 Benjamin Mako... fixed ricarose feed to include dates
2011-11-21 Benjamin Mako... fix two broken feeds
2011-11-21 Benjamin Mako... add ricarose
2011-11-19 Benjamin Mako... added crschmidt
2011-11-19 Benjamin Mako... fix title of karims blogs
2011-11-19 Benjamin Mako... payment from andresmh, remove test payments/debts
2011-11-19 Benjamin Mako... added austein, karim (feed 2), nadav, spang, and bkolko
2011-11-15 Benjamin Mako... added daf and dan
2011-11-15 Benjamin Mako... added Daniel Collis-Puro
2011-11-15 Benjamin Mako... added josh gay
2011-11-15 Benjamin Mako... update feed for david larochelle
2011-11-15 Benjamin Mako... added dlarochelle
2011-11-14 Benjamin Mako... Update for 2011-11-07
2011-11-14 Benjamin Mako... reset the ledger after the dry run to the latest git...
2011-11-14 Benjamin Mako... postpone shaunas start date
2011-11-14 Benjamin Mako... erased some of the test data from andres
2011-11-14 Benjamin Mako... only commit to git if the update is not the dry run
2011-11-14 Benjamin Mako... added joi, karim, and johns
2011-11-14 Benjamin Mako... fixed blog post for aaron
2011-11-14 Benjamin Mako... added michael stone
2011-11-14 Benjamin Mako... added aaron shaw and updated start-dates
2011-11-09 Benjamin Mako... changed starting dates to the week
2011-11-09 Benjamin Mako... updated shauna's feed to an atom feed with timestamps
2011-11-09 Benjamin Mako... added molly to list
2011-11-09 Benjamin Mako... added a few people who responded to the first email
2011-11-09 Benjamin Mako... updated so that it copies the blogs over
2011-11-09 Benjamin Mako... update scripts for new location of planet
2011-11-09 Benjamin Mako... fix andresmh blog URL and mako's title
2011-11-09 Benjamin Mako... reset ledger and bloggers for IB
2011-11-09 Benjamin Mako... code changes to iron blogger to move to
2010-11-10 Nelson ElhageBen gave me money a while back.
2010-11-10 Nelson ElhageUpdate for 2010-11-01
2010-11-02 Nelson ElhagePunts for 2010-11-01
2010-11-02 Nelson ElhageUpdate for 2010-10-28
2010-11-02 Nelson ElhageRemove a bogus transaction
2010-10-27 Nelson ElhageUpdate for 2010-10-18
2010-10-19 Nelson ElhagePunts for 2010-10-19
2010-10-19 Nelson ElhageUpdate for 2010-10-11
2010-10-18 Nelson ElhageI guess I should cash out my debt
2010-10-11 Nelson ElhagePunts for 2010-10-11
2010-10-11 Nelson ElhageUpdate for 2010-10-04
2010-10-05 Nelson ElhagePunts for 2010-10-04
2010-10-05 Nelson ElhageUpdate for 2010-09-27
2010-10-04 Nelson ElhageLaura gave me money.
2010-10-04 Nelson ElhageAdd preeya to Iron Blogger
2010-09-29 Nelson ElhageReset mako, since I forgot to add him to the mailing...
2010-09-28 Nelson ElhagePunts for 2010-09-28
2010-09-28 Nelson ElhageUpdate for 2010-09-20
2010-09-20 Nelson ElhagePunts for 2010-09-20
2010-09-20 Nelson ElhageUpdate for 2010-09-13
2010-09-20 Nelson ElhageAdd a payment from Josh that got dropped somehow.
2010-09-15 Nelson ElhageI forgot to add payments given to me at the CBC meetup.
2010-09-14 Nelson Elhageadamf quit
2010-09-13 Nelson ElhagePunts for 2010-09-13
2010-09-13 Nelson ElhageUpdate for 2010-09-06
2010-09-13 Nelson ElhageAdd the CBC outing
2010-09-11 Nelson Elhagegdb quit
2010-09-08 Nelson ElhagePunts for 2010-09-08
2010-09-08 Nelson ElhageUpdate for 2010-08-30
2010-09-08 Nelson Elhagelaura gave me money
2010-08-31 Nelson ElhageJosh gave me money
2010-08-30 Nelson ElhagePunts for 2010-08-30
2010-08-30 Nelson ElhageUpdate for 2010-08-23
2010-08-23 Nelson ElhagePunts for 2010-08-23
2010-08-23 Nelson ElhageUpdate for 2010-08-16
2010-08-16 Nelson ElhageUpdate for 2010-08-09
2010-08-12 Nelson Elhagemoney money money
2010-08-10 Nelson ElhagePunts for 2010-08-09
2010-08-10 Nelson ElhageUpdate for 2010-08-02
2010-08-06 Nelson ElhageTibbetts bought back in.
2010-08-05 Nelson ElhageLiz gave me money
2010-08-05 Nelson ElhagePunts for 2010-08-04
2010-08-05 Nelson ElhageUpdate for 2010-07-26
2010-07-27 Nelson Elhagegdb gave me money and I forgot to note it
2010-07-27 Nelson ElhageUpdate the PUNTED text
2010-07-27 Nelson ElhageUpdate for 2010-07-19
2010-07-27 Nelson ElhageBrunch
2010-07-27 Nelson ElhagePeople gave me money
2010-07-21 Nelson ElhageUn-punting price, and he gave me money.
2010-07-20 Nelson ElhagePunts for 2010-07-20
2010-07-20 Nelson ElhageUpdate for 2010-07-12
2010-07-20 Nelson ElhageLiz's blog moved
2010-07-19 Nelson ElhageLex gave me money
2010-07-19 Nelson Elhagefawkes gave me money
2010-07-12 Nelson ElhagePunts for 2010-07-12
2010-07-12 Nelson ElhageUpdate for 2010-07-05
2010-07-12 Nelson ElhageKarl and Adam gave me money

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