Changing to relative location of vc-git.awk
[beamer-mako] / template /
2017-05-17 Jeremy FooteChanging to relative location of vc-git.awk master
2016-12-11 Benjamin Mako Hillfine tune location of \credit{} output
2016-12-11 Benjamin Mako Hillfixed location of the git revid on the titlepage
2016-12-11 Benjamin Mako Hillmove vc to resources (as per the paper template)
2016-12-11 Benjamin Mako Hillfixed berkman affiliation information
2016-04-05 Benjamin Mako Hilladded version of the logo file w/ and w/o text
2016-04-05 Benjamin Mako Hillnow a faculty affiliate at berkman
2015-11-30 Benjamin Mako Hillupdated example to use the new style pdfpc notes
2015-11-30 Benjamin Mako Hillmoved from rubber to latexmk (at least for now)
2015-11-30 Benjamin Mako Hilladded logos for uw and nu back (these may be useful)
2015-11-30 Benjamin Mako Hillupdated logo to the new CDSC logo (used instead of...
2014-11-06 Benjamin Mako Hillchange my title from acting to normal
2014-11-06 Benjamin Mako Hillupdated makefiles to fix the broken pages
2014-05-13 Benjamin Mako Hillfix affiliation
2014-04-29 Benjamin Mako Hilladded code to give credit to people that i'm usinig...
2014-04-23 Benjamin Mako Hilladded .gitignore file
2014-04-23 Benjamin Mako Hilladded spellchecer exceptions
2014-04-01 Benjamin Mako Hilladded more spacing into the centertext command
2013-09-14 Benjamin Mako Hillremove the extract notes script (deprecated)
2013-09-14 Benjamin Mako Hillupdated the slides for the university of washington
2013-09-14 Benjamin Mako Hillremove redundant options from the tex details
2013-04-17 Benjamin Mako Hilladd overlay as a default TiKZ option
2013-04-07 Benjamin Mako Hillminor bug fix
2013-04-07 Benjamin Mako Hilldeprecated the drop shadow
2013-03-21 Benjamin Mako Hillremove old cleanup
2013-02-16 Benjamin Mako Hillseveral improvments to the beamer template
2013-02-14 Benjamin Mako Hilladded new support for note files and tweaks for better...
2013-02-02 Benjamin Mako Hilladded a bunch of changes to the basic beamer template
2013-02-02 Benjamin Mako Hillshrink down the bottom line and move to pagenum to...
2013-01-29 Benjamin Mako Hillmove files into a subdirectory

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