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descriptionDetect missing attachments in outgoing emails.
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How many times have you said, "I've attached the file below," and then failed to actually attach the file? It happens to even the best of us.

AttachCheck is a program that seeks to end this forever. AttachCheck looks through all outgoing mail. If it expects an attachment and doesn't see one, it refuses to send it until you confirm that you really want to send the message sans attachment.

AttachCheck is free software and is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3.

AttachCheck Source/Program: attachcheck-0.2.tar.gz

Documentation: README.html

2023-04-13 Benjamin Mako... minor tweak to make the last patch actually land... master
2023-04-13 Benjamin Mako... updated attachcheck to work with python 3.11
2018-09-30 Benjamin Mako... move to python3
2018-05-06 Benjamin Mako... updated URLS
2013-10-26 Kevin PuloCorrectly wait for the MTA to finish before exiting.
2011-04-10 Benjamin Mako... noted the new URL for git repository
2009-06-13 Benjamin Mako... added two fixes from iain murray
2009-05-09 Benjamin Mako... updated old reference to bzr
2009-05-09 Benjamin Mako... updated the location of the bazaar repository
2009-04-12 <mako@atdot.cc>require a space after confirm
2009-04-12 <mako@atdot.cc>Updated to change documentation to point to the new...
2009-04-12 <mako@atdot.cc>Version 0.2 of the program.
2006-07-03 <mako@atdot.cc>Removed the requirement that there be whitespace betwee...
2006-07-03 <mako@atdot.cc>Added a number of small changes that didn't work becaus...
2005-07-25 <mako@atdot.cc>Have attach check pass sendmail options along to sendma...
2005-07-25 <mako@atdot.cc>Added Italian language support for mentioning attachments.
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