2008-05-22 <jlsharps@mit... minor changes to the election show page, still having...
2008-05-22 <jlsharps@mit... The results page should now work for scaling embeddable...
2008-05-22 <jlsharps@mit... the embeddable widgets now grow or shrink to accomodate...
2008-05-13 <jlsharps@mit... added numbering back to embeddables, should count corre...
2008-05-12 <jlsharps@mit... Embeddable elctions now scale based on how many candida...
2008-05-11 <jlsharps@mit... individual dark and light weidgets added as .png files...
2008-05-11 <jlsharps@mit... Added individual widgets for embeddable voting to image...
2008-05-09 <jlsharps@mit... elections marked as viewable will now dispaly a link...
2008-05-09 <jlsharps@mit... QuickVotes are now displayed in the control panel list...
2008-05-09 <jlsharps@mit... Added a check to make sure a voter has a valid email...
2008-05-05 <jlsharps@mit... Ordered pref tables so that the smallest margin of...
2008-04-25 <>two minor changes that fix bugs with the quickvote
2008-04-12 <jlsharps@mit... Fixed minor spelling errors on results pages, tried...
2008-03-31 <jlsharps@mit... Added a link to open elections off the election's ...
2008-03-31 <jlsharps@mit... The schema file should now be correct
2008-03-31 <jlsharps@mit... TODO has been modified to relfect bug changes already...
2008-03-31 <>merge from live
2008-03-31 <>fix for bug introduces with full versions
2008-02-19 <>cleaned up minor issues from testing embeddable code
2008-02-19 <>added first full working version of embeddable elections
2008-02-18 <>merged back from production
2008-02-18 <>added attachment_fu and made the set of changes
2008-02-15 <>input license information so that the work can be under...
2008-02-15 <>removed login information (a few people have found it)
2008-02-11 <>merged in changes from devel branch
2008-02-11 <>merged changes back from live
2008-02-11 <>added cluster and production scripts
2008-02-11 <>fix typos and minor issues
2008-02-11 <>disabled mem cache
2008-02-11 <>merged back from live
2008-02-11 <>added the ability to add safe html tags to input (i...
2008-02-11 <>spelling and superficial errors
2008-02-06 <>added template left out from last committ by accident
2008-02-06 <>merged in support for full election results
2008-02-06 <>added support for results for full elections
2008-01-31 <>fixed some typos caught in the first usage
2008-01-31 <>first (mostly) working version of full elections.
2008-01-31 <>merged changed in from devel to activate voting in...
2007-10-17 <>licensed under the AGPL
2007-10-17 <>updated README file with additional dependency information
2007-09-05 <>merged changes back from the production version
2007-09-05 <>fix css malforming very long headers
2007-09-05 <>fixed rendering error with css
2007-09-05 <>new api key
2007-09-05 <>turned off memcache as it was causing trouble
2007-09-05 <>fixed up the results page in a number of ways
2007-09-05 <>changed instance of hyperchad to selectricity
2007-09-05 <>fixed up the results page in a number of ways
2007-09-05 <>minor fixes to the templates
2007-09-05 <>added di logo to thanks page
2007-09-05 <>fixed recent quickvotes for real
2007-09-05 <>minor fixes to the templates
2007-09-05 <>swap around the recent quickvotes
2007-09-05 <>merged in some more fixes fromdevel
2007-09-05 <>linked to blog from the footer and about page
2007-09-05 <>fix recent quickvotes
2007-09-05 <>merged in link to blog
2007-09-05 <>change bad link on the front page
2007-09-05 <>turned off sitealizer by default to make things go...
2007-09-05 <>Fixed bug introduced in template that fixes some errors.
2007-09-05 <>minor bugfix
2007-09-05 <>merged in changes from devel
2007-09-05 <>Major commit adding about information and more before...
2007-09-03 <>removed unused stuff from the db/create
2007-09-03 <jlsharps@mit... The legend is now hidden when there is only one color...
2007-09-03 <jlsharps@mit... Extended the COLORS array in graph controller so that...
2007-08-31 John Dongmerge jdong
2007-08-31 John DongCommit test case fix that restores IE6 transparency
2007-08-31 John DongMerge head
2007-08-31 <jlsharps@mit... The summary page now had color coded tables. Red =...
2007-08-31 selectricityMerge from devel
2007-08-31 John DongMerged jdong
2007-08-31 John DongFix test cases...
2007-08-31 John DongAdjust wording on map/list of voters to make it fit
2007-08-31 John DongMerge head
2007-08-31 John DongTweak some sidebar wording
2007-08-31 <jlsharps@mit... Added the forgot password functionality to the voters...
2007-08-31 John DongMerge jdong
2007-08-31 John DongChange default WHOIS host to Arin
2007-08-31 John DongFix host truncation to work correctly
2007-08-31 <jlsharps@mit... The other election methods will now display the winner...
2007-08-31 John DongStrip ridiculously long DNS names
2007-08-31 <jlsharps@mit... Pref_tables now use the Schulze ssd_result object,...
2007-08-31 John DongFix gmaps API key
2007-08-31 John DongMerge jdong
2007-08-31 John DongRemove useless puts calls; fix gmap api key for selectr...
2007-08-31 John DongMerge head
2007-08-31 John DongMerge jdong
2007-08-31 John DongHack WHOIS lib to implement a 5-second timeout on DNS...
2007-08-31 John DongFix WHOIS library not to puke on strange IP addresses
2007-08-31 <>merged new google api key
2007-08-31 <>merged in changes from devel
2007-08-31 <jlsharps@mit... Front page header button can now log in and out.
2007-08-31 John DongMerge jdong
2007-08-31 John DongMemcache WHOIS and DNS lookups
2007-08-31 John DongMerge from jdong
2007-08-31 John DongMy first gigantic-blob commit....
2007-08-31 John DongMerge from head
2007-08-31 <>* Fixed fonts.
2007-08-31 <>updated schema

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