merged in licensing changes (we'll have to undo this eventually)
[selectricity] / app / views / election / _overview_form.rhtml
2009-06-07 <>merged in licensing changes (we'll have to undo this...
2008-11-28 <>Major update of Selectricity to work with Rails 2.2...
2008-11-27 <>merged in changes from live version
2008-03-31 <>merge from live
2008-02-19 <>added first full working version of embeddable elections
2008-01-31 <>first (mostly) working version of full elections.
2008-01-31 <>merged changed in from devel to activate voting in...
2007-08-29 John DongGet head.
2007-08-29 <>Created a partial to DRY the aja voting method. Modifie...
2007-08-08 <>Changed properties to remove unecessary exectables.
2007-03-30 <>Variety of small changes (mostly to properties) plus...
2006-10-13 <>a long variety of improvements and tweaks
2006-08-17 <>Working on a step-by-step workflow audit.
2006-08-16 <>Renamed "elections" controller to "election."

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