fixed up a series of things in prepration for the stress test on friday
[selectricity] / app / views / layouts / frontpage.rhtml
2009-06-18 Benjamin Mako Hillfixed up a series of things in prepration for the stres...
2008-11-28 <>Major update of Selectricity to work with Rails 2.2...
2008-02-18 <>merged back from production
2008-02-15 <>removed login information (a few people have found it)
2008-02-11 <>merged changes back from live
2008-02-11 <>fix typos and minor issues
2008-02-06 <>merged in support for full election results
2008-02-06 <>added support for results for full elections
2007-09-05 <>change bad link on the front page
2007-09-05 <>minor bugfix
2007-09-05 <>merged in changes from devel
2007-09-05 <>Major commit adding about information and more before...
2007-08-31 selectricityMerge from devel
2007-08-31 John DongMerged jdong
2007-08-31 John DongFix test cases...
2007-08-31 John DongMerge head
2007-08-31 John DongMerge jdong
2007-08-31 <>merged in changes from devel
2007-08-31 <>Front page header button can now log in and out.
2007-08-31 John DongMerge from head
2007-08-31 <>* Fixed fonts.
2007-08-28 John DongMerge head
2007-08-28 <>First major stab at the integration of Courtland's...

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