Corrected typo on the 'show' page for election information.
[selectricity-live] / config / environments /
2008-02-11 <>merged changes back from live
2008-02-11 <>disabled mem cache
2007-09-05 <>merged changes back from the production version
2007-09-05 <>fixed rendering error with css
2007-09-05 <>turned off memcache as it was causing trouble
2007-08-30 John DongMerge jdong
2007-08-30 John DongMerge head
2007-08-30 John DongCommit memcache work. memcache is only enabled in produ...
2007-08-28 John DongMerge head
2007-08-23 <>Big commit includes:
2007-08-08 <>Added support for ruby-debug to replace breakpointers.
2007-07-18 <>Updated the system to Rails 1.2.
2007-03-30 <>Variety of small changes (mostly to properties) plus...
2006-08-16 <>Upgrade to Rails 1.1.
2006-07-11 <>Creation of new VotingBooth rails application to expose the

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