2011-11-08 Benjamin Mako... increased description size to 1000 characters
2011-11-08 Benjamin Mako... fixed missing quotes around mp3
2011-11-08 Benjamin Mako... added Thomas Niepraschk's tag autocomplete feature
2011-11-08 Benjamin Mako... added new version of JQuery plus CSS/images
2010-12-28 Marcus Campbell- Updated default filetypes used for system tags
2010-12-24 Marcus Campbell- Override privacy status on bookmark file import,...
2010-12-21 Marcus Campbell- Enforce minimum elapsed time on registration form
2010-12-21 Marcus CampbellBumped version numver
2010-12-21 Marcus Campbell- .htaccess yoinked from Drupal
2010-12-18 Marcus Campbell- Allow blacklisting and whitelisting of e-mail address...
2010-03-28 Marcus CampbellTagged 0.7.5
2008-07-13 Marcus Campbell* Fixed REG_BADRPT error in isValidEmail() that prevent...
2008-07-06 Marcus Campbellbranches/version-0.7:
2007-02-05 Marcus Campbelltrunk, branches/version-0.7:
2007-01-08 Marcus Campbell* Updated isValidEmail regex to match plussed addresses
2006-12-09 Marcus CampbellTrunk, 0.7: Add patch [ 1597978 ] Missing tag rename...
2006-12-09 Marcus CampbellMerge trunk fix for [ 1480341 ] Timezone Bug
2006-12-05 Marcus CampbellRestructure repository

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