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2011-02-05 reaglebetter explainations of commands
2011-02-04 reaglesome documentation on commands
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2011-01-31 Ian WellerMerge git://
2010-05-24 Ian WellerMake some changes to README and HACKING
2010-03-14 Ian WellerFix README (again) based on new login command
2010-03-14 Ian WellerExplain init -u in README's workflow
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2010-03-08 Ian WellerUse instead of a domain that exists
2009-12-22 Ian WellerRestore 'see HACKING' message in README
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2009-12-18 Ian WellerReplace FSF's mailing address with FSF website
2009-12-07 Ian WellerAdd README, add a bit to HACKING

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