2009-04-12 <>Version 0.2 of the program.
2006-07-03 <>Removed the requirement that there be whitespace betwee...
2006-07-03 <>Added a number of small changes that didn't work becaus...
2005-07-25 <>Have attach check pass sendmail options along to sendma...
2005-07-25 <>Added Italian language support for mentioning attachments.
2005-07-04 <mako@bork... Added copyright information to the scripts.
2005-07-04 <mako@bork... Added documentation, licensing, and renamed the files.
2005-07-03 <mako@bork... Made a number of change and cleanup type fixes:
2005-07-03 <mako@bork... First import into BZR of attachment checker. tmp

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