fixed errors with election/class
[selectricity] / app / views / common / _methodinfo_ssd.rhtml
2008-12-26 <>fixed errors with election/class
2008-11-28 <>Major update of Selectricity to work with Rails 2.2...
2008-03-31 <>merge from live
2008-03-31 <>fix for bug introduces with full versions
2008-02-11 <>merged in changes from devel branch
2008-02-11 <>merged changes back from live
2008-02-11 <>fix typos and minor issues
2008-02-11 <>merged back from live
2008-02-11 <>added the ability to add safe html tags to input (i...
2008-02-06 <>merged in support for full election results
2008-02-06 <>added support for results for full elections

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