move to agplv3
[selectricity] / lib / rubyvote / election.rb
2007-08-20 <>Merged from Mako.
2007-08-20 John DongMerge mako
2007-08-18 <>imported new version of ruby vote
2007-08-17 <>Merged changes from jdong's branch into HEAD.
2007-08-17 <>Merged from John.
2007-08-17 John DongImport new svn rubyvote (revno 43)
2007-08-15 John DongMerge from jdong
2007-08-15 John DongMerge from Justin
2007-08-15 <>Modified graphs to ahve a 4 color scheme, but it isn...
2007-08-15 John DongMerge head
2007-08-15 John DongPull in svn Rubyvote again
2007-08-15 John DongMerge jdong to pull in new rubyvote
2007-08-15 John DongImport latest subversion RubyVote.
2007-08-14 John DongMerge plurality fix
2007-08-14 John DongFix broken Plurality vote by removing a type check...
2007-08-09 <>Removed the two methods from Application controller...
2007-08-09 <>upgraded to latest version of rubyvote in svn
2007-08-08 <>Changed properties to remove unecessary exectables.
2007-03-30 <>Variety of small changes (mostly to properties) plus...
2006-10-12 <>working quickvote support created
2006-08-16 <>Adding the rubyvote library to do the actually election...

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