switched license to agpl-3
[selectricity-live] / app / models / user.rb
2009-06-07 <mako@atdot.cc>merge everything back from mainline branch
2009-06-07 <mako@atdot.cc>merged in licensing changes (we'll have to undo this...
2009-02-14 <mako@atdot.cc>fixed licensing information for selectricity
2008-11-27 <mako@atdot.cc>merged in changes from live version
2008-03-31 <mako@atdot.cc>merge from live
2008-02-18 <mako@atdot.cc>merged back from production
2008-02-15 <mako@atdot.cc>input license information so that the work can be under...
2007-08-29 John DongMerge jdong
2007-08-29 John DongFix testcases and also fix errors the testcase brought up
2007-08-29 John DongMerge from jdong
2007-08-29 John DongValidate usernames and passwords for accounts more...
2007-08-08 <mako@atdot.cc>Changed properties to remove unecessary exectables.
2007-08-07 <jlsharps@mit.edu>The user model has been modified so that it stores...
2007-07-31 <jlsharps@mit.edu>I have added the acts_as_authenticated plugin to code...
2007-07-18 <mako@atdot.cc>Updated the system to Rails 1.2.
2007-03-30 <mako@atdot.cc>Variety of small changes (mostly to properties) plus...
2006-09-10 <mako@atdot.cc>A few major changes:
2006-08-17 <mako@atdot.cc>Working on a step-by-step workflow audit.

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