Merge branch 'upstream'
[mw] / src / mw /
2011-02-10 Joseph Reaglemake commit terse as well
2011-02-10 Joseph Reaglemake display defaults more terse in keeping with hg...
2011-02-08 Joseph Reaglepull must handle deleted pages
2011-02-07 Joseph Reaglefix command that was preventing 'not a mw repo' check
2011-02-07 Joseph Reaglefix 3s pause between commits
2011-02-05 reagleinitial merge command
2011-02-03 reagletweak
2011-02-03 reaglecommit needs to write latest rev to file too, as text...
2011-02-02 reagleMerge remote branch 'upstream/master'
2011-02-02 reagletrying merge
2011-02-02 reaglepull and commit should be much more useful about conflicts
2011-02-02 Ian Weller[commit] Fix ugly traceback on permissiondenied
2011-02-02 Joseph ReagleIn addition to a page name, permit pull to take a file...
2011-02-01 Ian WellerChange copyright year
2011-02-01 Joseph ReagleFixes a bug, a performance issue, and use 'M' instead...
2011-01-31 Ian WellerPEP 8 compliance
2011-01-31 Ian WellerMerge git://
2011-01-31 Ian WellerRemove a debugging line
2011-01-31 Ian WellerStrip out our API and use simplemediawiki
2011-01-31 kebyadding pullcat command
2010-05-24 Ian WellerMore restylizing crap (PEP 8 compliant)
2010-05-24 Ian WellerAdjust UI strings
2010-05-24 Ian WellerNormalize code spacing and style
2010-05-24 Ian WellerNix warning on edit collision since we do that now
2010-05-20 kebyfixed issue with special char in filename (related...
2010-05-20 kebyimplementing edit conflict & collision detection
2010-05-20 kebyadding -b option for --bot
2010-05-20 kebyfixing a bug when a page is blanked
2010-04-25 Ian WellerTotally botched the spacing, wasn't Yves's fault
2010-04-25 Ian WellerFix spacing to standard
2010-04-25 Yves TennevinAdd CSRF support (MediaWiki bug 23076)
2010-03-17 Ian Wellercommit --bot will tag edits as bot edits
2010-03-15 Ian WellerAdd extra usage information to commit
2010-03-15 Ian Wellercommit listens to file arguments to limit changes
2010-03-14 Ian WellerCode cleanup (PEP 8)
2010-03-14 Ian WellerFix unicode errors on commit
2010-03-14 Ian WellerForgot to include the edit summary
2010-03-14 Ian WellerWe now have semi-working commit support! woo!
2010-03-14 Ian WellerAdd a logout command
2010-03-14 Ian WellerNew login command (that saves your login, too)
2010-03-14 Ian Wellercommit command shortcut
2010-03-14 Ian WellerShell of commit command
2010-03-13 Ian WellerAbility to have username in init command
2010-03-08 Ian WellerMinor fix to usage bit in command generator
2010-03-08 Ian WellerTake care of some pesky whitespace issues
2010-03-08 Ian WellerWrite basic diff command using bzrlib.diff
2010-03-08 Ian WellerAdd diff command that does a whole lot of nothing
2010-03-08 Ian WellerMove code for status to reusable function
2010-03-08 Ian WellerChange copyright year
2009-12-22 Ian WellerPEP 8 and code cleanup
2009-12-22 Ian Weller_login() now actually logs in to remote wiki
2009-12-22 Ian WellerStore current revision ID in metadir
2009-12-22 Ian WellerRename fetch to pull
2009-12-22 Ian Wellerstatus: Add command
2009-12-22 Ian WellerRename pages_add_rev to pages_add_rv
2009-12-22 Ian WellerCentralize pagename/filename conversions
2009-12-22 Ian Wellerfetch: Update for new metadir functions
2009-12-22 Ian WellerMerge branch 'master' of
2009-12-19 Ian Wellerfetch: Handle pages that do not exist
2009-12-18 Ian WellerReplace FSF's mailing address with FSF website
2009-12-07 Ian WellerHandle slashes in page names semi-appropriately
2009-12-07 Ian WellerAdd capability for subcommand shortcuts
2009-12-07 Ian WellerInitial commit with init and fetch commands

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