descriptionVCS-like nonsense for MediaWiki websites
ownergit repository hosting
last changeSun, 13 Feb 2011 16:04:24 +0000 (11:04 -0500)
2011-02-13 Benjamin Mako... Merge branch 'upstream' master
2011-02-13 Benjamin Mako... created a simple file
2011-02-13 Benjamin Mako... created packaging scripts in debian directory
2011-02-13 Benjamin Mako... created a simple file upstream
2011-02-13 Benjamin Mako... Initialize git-dpm
2011-02-10 Joseph Reaglemake commit terse as well
2011-02-10 Joseph Reaglemake display defaults more terse in keeping with hg...
2011-02-10 Joseph Reagledefault config for merge tool
2011-02-08 Joseph Reaglepull must handle deleted pages
2011-02-07 Joseph Reaglefix command that was preventing 'not a mw repo' check
2011-02-07 Joseph Reagleupdate README
2011-02-07 Joseph Reaglefix 3s pause between commits
2011-02-05 reagleinitial merge command
2011-02-05 reaglebetter explainations of commands
2011-02-04 reaglesome documentation on commands
2011-02-03 reagletweak
11 years ago master
11 years ago upstream

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