2011-03-18 Benjamin Mako... Added support for using notmuch as an external indexer. master
2011-01-04 Johannes Weißlremove unnecessary line
2011-01-03 Johannes Weißlintroduce mairix-git option
2010-12-06 Johannes Weißltypo
2010-12-06 Johannes Weißlcomment is_new_screen()
2010-12-06 Johannes Weißlwas blaming wrong commit
2010-12-06 Johannes Weißlversion 1.4
2010-12-06 Johannes Weißladd THANKS
2010-12-06 Johannes Weißlsimplify code
2010-12-06 Johannes Weißlclarify comments
2010-12-06 Johannes Weißlintegrate multi-mode
2010-12-06 Johannes WeißlMerge branch 'master' into screen-git
2010-12-06 Johannes Weißlescape '\' in git versions of GNU screen
2010-12-06 Johannes Weißladd TODO
2010-12-06 Johannes Weißlonly quote mairix Message-ID when necessary
2010-12-06 Johannes WeißlMerge branch 'master' into screen-git
2010-12-06 Johannes Weißlslightly better mairix quoting (3)
2010-12-06 Johannes Weißlslightly better mairix quoting (2)
2010-12-05 Johannes Weißlslightly better mairix quoting
2010-12-05 Johannes Weißlreplace `wc -L` with awk script
2010-12-05 Johannes Weißlslightly better mairix escaping
2010-12-05 Johannes WeißlMerge branch 'master' into screen-git
2010-12-05 Johannes Weißlquote Message-ID in mutt search expression (double!!)
2010-12-05 Johannes Weißlquote namazu search term
2010-12-05 Johannes Weißlwork around mairix message-id quoting problem
2010-12-05 Johannes WeißlMerge branch 'master' into screen-git
2010-12-05 Johannes Weißldon't use echo -e
2010-12-04 Johannes Weißlfix quoting
2010-12-04 Christian EbertIn the absence of a dialog program use builtin select
2010-12-03 Johannes Weißlautomatically open windows in MUTTJUMP_MULTI_SCREEN_MODE
2010-12-03 Johannes Weißlbugfix: reopen tty if $STY is empty
2010-12-03 Johannes Weißlremove MUTTJUMP_SCREEN_SESSION
2010-12-03 Johannes Weißlspelling mistake
2010-12-02 Johannes Weißlversion 1.3
2010-12-02 Johannes Weißladd possibility to specify msgid as argument + reply...
2010-12-01 Johannes Weißluse dialog to pick maildir if multiple exist
2010-11-30 Johannes Weißladd advice about $wait_key
2010-11-30 Johannes Weißlmake MUTTJUMP_USE_SCREEN configurable via export
2010-11-30 Johannes WeißlRevert "make MUTTJUMP_SCREEN_WINDOW_NAME_MANGLE more...
2010-11-30 Christian Ebertmake MUTTJUMP_SCREEN_WINDOW_NAME_MANGLE more flexible
2010-11-30 Johannes Weißlreplace type -p with type
2010-11-30 Johannes Weißluse screen if $STY is set
2010-11-30 Johannes Weißluse array=() instead of declare -a
2010-11-30 Johannes Weißlrename MUTT_USE_SCREEN to MUTTJUMP_MULTI_SCREEN_MODE...
2010-11-30 Johannes Weißlis_callable: simpler solution
2010-11-30 Johannes Weißlallow program paths to contain arguments
2010-11-29 Johannes Weißlreplace search with limit <expr>, limit all
2010-11-29 Johannes Weißleven shorter solution
2010-11-29 Johannes Weißltweak Message-ID regexp
2010-11-29 Johannes Weißlremove --no-heading, doesn't exist on Mac OS X
2010-11-23 Johannes Weißlremove -x (debugging)
2010-11-15 Johannes Weißladd e-mail address
2010-11-11 Johannes Weißladd NEWS file
2010-11-11 Johannes Weißlbugfix: "select ." does not work if muttjump is called...
2010-11-11 Johannes Weißluse short-form commands in screen mode (thanks to jostb...
2010-11-11 Johannes Weißluse `mutt -f` instead of <change-folder>
2010-11-11 Johannes Weißlbugfix: better quote maildir (can contain spaces)
2010-11-11 Johannes Weißlreplace single screen call with two separate (more...
2010-11-10 Johannes Weißladd another quote()
2010-11-10 Johannes Weißlforgot quotes
2010-11-10 Johannes Weißlfix quoting issues
2010-11-10 Johannes Weißlsafety check for MUTTJUMP_MODE
2010-11-10 Johannes Weißluse configurable program paths (formail & reformail)
2010-11-10 Johannes Weißladd reformail support
2010-11-10 Johannes Weißluse formail if available (works for multiline Message...
2010-11-10 Johannes Weißlfix msgid escaping (now works with "!" in message id)
2010-11-09 Johannes Weißladd screen mode (idea by jostber <>)
2010-04-26 Johannes Weißladd fallback (grep) solution, pretty obsolete
2010-04-26 Johannes Weißlfix: case insensitive Message-ID grepping, maildir...
2010-04-26 Johannes Weißladd advice to README
2010-04-26 Johannes Weißlinitial version
2010-04-26 Johannes Weißlfirst commit

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