bugfix: better quote maildir (can contain spaces)
[muttjump] / muttjump
2010-11-11 Johannes Weißlbugfix: better quote maildir (can contain spaces)
2010-11-11 Johannes Weißlreplace single screen call with two separate (more...
2010-11-10 Johannes Weißladd another quote()
2010-11-10 Johannes Weißlforgot quotes
2010-11-10 Johannes Weißlfix quoting issues
2010-11-10 Johannes Weißlsafety check for MUTTJUMP_MODE
2010-11-10 Johannes Weißluse configurable program paths (formail & reformail)
2010-11-10 Johannes Weißladd reformail support
2010-11-10 Johannes Weißluse formail if available (works for multiline Message...
2010-11-10 Johannes Weißlfix msgid escaping (now works with "!" in message id)
2010-11-09 Johannes Weißladd screen mode (idea by jostber <github.com/jostber>)
2010-04-26 Johannes Weißlfix: case insensitive Message-ID grepping, maildir...
2010-04-26 Johannes Weißlinitial version

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