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2019-10-17 Benjamin Mako... added links and fixed things master
2019-10-17 Benjamin Mako... added leastsquares information
2019-06-20 Will ScottWe Exist!
2018-10-13 Benjamin Mako... added changes from mika making ELS as virtual
2017-04-15 Benjamin Mako... fix some typos (thanks richard!)
2016-06-22 Benjamin Mako... merge in branch with lucy's changes
2016-06-22 Lucy Lu WangAdded contact info for Lucy and changed travel directio...
2016-06-21 Benjamin Mako... added lucy's phone
2016-06-21 Benjamin Mako... changed capital to capitol (thanks andres!)
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2016-02-17 Will Scottdoorbell is fixed
2015-12-05 Benjamin Mako... added bike directions
2015-11-23 Will Scottadd my contact info
2015-11-23 Benjamin Mako... more typos and small fixes
2015-11-23 Benjamin Mako... fix typo and add request to not park in neighbors driveway
2015-11-23 Benjamin Mako... updated website with more clear bus directions
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