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2012-09-06 Benjamin Mako Hillfix for a mistake in the punting code
2012-08-14 Benjamin Mako Hillupdate the rest of the code to support the new config...
2012-08-13 Benjamin Mako Hilladded a new configuration file and changed code/templat...
2012-06-17 Benjamin Mako Hillfix a final set of areas where today instead of date...
2012-06-17 Benjamin Mako Hillfix another bug related to punting and dates
2012-06-17 Benjamin Mako Hillfix bug that always placed today's date into the punt...
2012-01-26 Benjamin Mako Hilladd second blog for mika
2012-01-25 Benjamin Mako Hillfix extraneous commits when people are punted
2011-11-14 Benjamin Mako Hillreset the ledger after the dry run to the latest git...
2011-11-14 Benjamin Mako Hillonly commit to git if the update is not the dry run
2011-11-09 Benjamin Mako Hillcode changes to iron blogger to move to
2010-06-01 Nelson ElhageAUTOPUNT
2010-06-01 Nelson Elhageweekly-update: Add -n for dry run.
2010-05-24 Nelson ElhageCommit the right thing in the weekly update.
2010-05-14 Nelson Elhageweekly-update: Automatically commit ledger
2010-03-02 Nelson ElhageDo the ledger and email in weekly-update.
2010-02-02 Nelson ElhageScript to post the weekly blog post

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