Iron Blogger

(With a beer money pool)

The Rules

  1. At least one blog post a week. Weeks will be defined as starting and ending Monday morning at 0600.
  2. You're welcome to post more than once in any given week, but it doesn't count for the next week.
  3. If you miss a post, you owe the beer pool $5. I can keep track of this, or we can throw together a google docs spreadsheet or something.
  4. Roughly once a month, we go out for beer1. Beer is funded by the beer pool, and we split the rest of the cost.
  5. You're allowed to blog about this event as your first post.
  6. Week one started today (Dec 21), so you have until the start of the 28th to make your first post. Since you get a freebie, this should be easy.
  7. However, since you may already have plans for the week of Christmas, you may take a free skip for the first week by letting me know soon after you tell me you want to join.
  8. Any topic or length of blog post is acceptable. If it's obviously filler, we may laugh at you, but it still counts.
  9. These rules are open for discussion, but I reserve the right to make an arbitrary decision and declare it official if anyone starts wanking.
  10. You're allowed to punt at any time by notifying me before the end of the week in which you are punting. You can't retroactively punt.
  11. There is no set end date. The event may be ended by group agreement.
  12. Anyone may join up until the end of the first full week (0600 on Monday, January 4). After that point the list is closed, although occasional exceptions may be possible. Email Nelson Elhage ( to join.


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  1. Some of you are underage, and some of you don't drink beer, so we'll figure out some way to accommodate as appropriate. I'm open to suggestions. Hard apple cider and the like count as "beer" for the purpose of this excercise.