descriptionWikipedia/Harry Potter project created for CDSW
ownergit repository hosting
last changeSat, 15 Feb 2020 17:05:28 +0000 (09:05 -0800)
2020-02-15 Benjamin Mako... renamed file to match the content master
2020-02-15 Benjamin Mako... update the harry potter for morning lecture
2020-02-15 Benjamin Mako... update lecture material to move to notebook
2019-01-18 Benjamin Mako... catscan is now petscan
2015-11-02 Benjamin Mako... updated code to handle printing on windows
2015-11-02 Benjamin Mako... updated for new version of catscan
2015-06-10 Benjamin Mako... fix comments to include the full url being created
2015-05-04 Ben LewisUpdated the project to use .format() instead of percent...
2015-04-29 Benjamin Mako... improvements based on a run-through in COM597G
2015-04-28 Benjamin Mako... rename file
2015-04-28 Benjamin Mako... added two example programs plus gitignore file
2015-04-27 Benjamin Mako... created python 3 version for COM597G
2015-04-27 Benjamin Mako... add old version of script from CDSW (Fall 2014)
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