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2009-12-23 Benjamin Mako... fix typo in makefile master
2009-12-23 Benjamin Mako... added references to the spanish translation and bumped...
2009-12-23 Benjamin Mako... modified build scripts to take into account the new...
2009-12-22 Benjamin Mako... added files for spanish howto translation
2009-12-22 Benjamin Mako... moved the makefile and added german translation
2008-08-26 <>fixed issue from
2008-08-26 <>incorporated link fix from Brian Proffitt
2008-08-22 <>update with new urls and some other stuff
2008-08-22 <>made a series of final changes
2008-06-10 <>fixed links to update to not include yukidoke
2005-06-04 Benj. Mako... added information into the bibliography on the cvs...
2005-06-04 Benj. Mako... fixed a spelling error submitted by Andres Taylor
2005-06-04 Benj. Mako... This version includes the following changes
2005-06-04 Benj. Mako... * some more changes (fixes) to render_sgml
2005-06-04 Benj. Mako... changed render_sgml to be a makefile and added a bunch of
2005-06-04 Benj. Mako... adding a build script for rending the sgml into all...
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