descriptionlocalizaton of essay "Freedom for Users, Not for Software"
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2013-04-01 Laura Arjona... Fix the 4 software freedoms as stated in the Spanish...
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2013-01-08 Laura Arjona... Add FSF against threats
2013-01-08 Laura Arjona... Add paragraph about TiVo
2013-01-02 Laura ArjonaTranslation of first part of "When software is free...
2013-01-02 Laura ArjonaTranslation of first part finished (draft, needs proofread)
2013-01-02 Laura ArjonaInitial translation of some paragraphs (draft)
2013-01-02 Laura Arjona... Add block with info about the translation (author etc)
2013-01-02 Laura Arjona... Initial upload of original document and Spanish transla...
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