2012-03-03 Benjamin Mako... added guest lecture from ilaw
2012-03-03 Benjamin Mako... added talk at digital commons conference
2012-02-01 Benjamin Mako... added talk at wikimedia foundation
2012-02-01 Benjamin Mako... update cv, uncomment areas commented for space, add...
2012-02-01 Benjamin Mako... added extra files to .gitignore
2010-12-16 Benjamin Mako... updated and got read to send it in to Berkman
2010-12-12 Benjamin Mako... added .gitignore file
2010-12-12 Benjamin Mako... changed major structure (and all content)
2009-10-05 Kieran Healyit's revnum.sty not revnumerate.sty
2009-10-04 Kieran HealyPut \vskips back into the \marginhead{} commands
2009-10-04 Kieran Healycomment out revnumerate.sty (not distribution standard)
2009-10-04 Kieran Healyadd revnumerate.sty as optional
2009-10-04 Kieran Healyremove cruft
2009-10-04 Kieran Healytypo
2009-10-04 Kieran HealyNote about \vspace and \marginhead
2009-10-04 Kieran HealyNote about \bigskip \medskip etc
2009-10-04 Kieran Healyremoving cruft
2009-10-04 Kieran Healyadded github info
2009-10-04 Kieran Healybetter metadata
2009-10-04 Kieran Healycleanup; docs.
2009-10-03 Kieran Healyrefactoring local commands. cleaning up. docs.
2009-10-03 Kieran Healybeginning from present vita file.

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