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2012-10-29 Benjamin Mako Hilltweaked the citation for the CSCW paper
2012-10-17 Benjamin Mako Hillmoved working paper to published paper
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2012-10-14 Benjamin Mako Hilladded the wikipedia gender balance to my cv
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2012-09-12 Benjamin Mako Hillpaper read throug, fix some typos
2012-09-12 Benjamin Mako Hillchange font size, margins, and remove newpage kludge
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2012-09-08 Benjamin Mako Hilladd building/room number
2012-09-08 Benjamin Mako Hillfurther cleaning up and reorganization
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2012-09-07 Benjamin Mako Hillmajor reorganization, mostly of presentations
2012-09-07 Benjamin Mako Hillchang presentations to not include "invited"
2012-09-07 Benjamin Mako Hilladded service section
2012-09-07 Benjamin Mako Hilladded some trailing /'es to urls
2012-09-07 Benjamin Mako Hillcomment out several presentations
2012-09-07 Benjamin Mako Hillupdated title and authorship information
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2012-08-22 Benjamin Mako Hilladded two working paper presentations
2012-08-22 Benjamin Mako Hillinclude the utf title
2012-08-20 Benjamin Mako HillMerge changes made to build the working CV generator
2012-08-16 Benjamin Mako Hilladded IQSS as an extra affiliation
2012-07-27 Benjamin Mako Hillupdated with additional papers and work
2012-03-03 Benjamin Mako Hilladded guest lecture from ilaw
2012-03-03 Benjamin Mako Hilladded talk at digital commons conference
2012-02-01 Benjamin Mako Hilladded talk at wikimedia foundation
2012-02-01 Benjamin Mako Hillupdate cv, uncomment areas commented for space, add...
2010-12-16 Benjamin Mako Hillupdated and got read to send it in to Berkman
2010-12-12 Benjamin Mako Hillchanged major structure (and all content)

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